Virtual IT Director

For many SMEs our Virtual IT Director / CIO service will provide you with the full expertise and capability of a senior IT professional at a fraction of the employment cost, contributing to your organisation's success at board-level through strategic investment and exploitation of technology.


In many SME organisations, Beeches Consulting has helped clients bridge the gap between the business and IT ensuring that there is a clear understanding of how the business can best utilise technology to help drive the business towards competitive advantage.

Beeches Consulting has helped to augment existing IT Teams adding missing skills. For instance implementing formal (ITIL aligned) processes and disciplines bringing about increased operational resilience, incident management, service design, management and measurement of performance. We have led on and implemented a diverse range of projects ranging from the routine hardware re-fresh, mobile device management and DLP adoption to MPLS network deployments, always with the full support and collaboration of the existing in-house IT team. 

If you would like to know how we might help your organisation, just give us a call and one of our consultants will get back to you to discuss your requirements.


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