IT Disaster Recovery and Resilience

We have been helping organisations protect their business operations for many years. As a totally independent consulting firm we can help you formulate realistic Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for your business and devise a cost effective IT recovery strategy and solution that fully meets your business needs. 


Having a 3rd party provide a totally independent view is something many IT departments have started to warm to.  Rather than seeing us as some kind of threat (like the teacher checking homework) nowadays IT departments make us part of their IT DR strategy to see if we can identify weaknesses which together we can then address.  

We have been helping organisations protect their business operations for many years. Whether you are just starting out, looking to take the first steps towards formalising your operational resilience with ISO certifications or have mature systems in place and are seeking some additional support and guidance we can help.

Where we typically add value in our assignments is at the stage of risk identification and review. It really is true that having an outside perspective can help see things from a different angle and it is a case of what you don’t know you don’t know. However, as an independent company we are not on a sales campaign to sell technology. We firmly believe in identifying appropriate right size solutions to your problems only where solutions are genuinely required in alignment to your risk appetite and budget constraints.

We have on many occasions seen over-engineered or over-specified IT Disaster Recovery arrangements where there is no real business justification for real-time recovery and failover and conversely, we have seen some marked examples of inadequate resilience arrangements and inappropriately sited IT equipment. We can help you review your IT Disaster Recovery arrangements, help you test them, make recommendations or validations either as part of our ISO implementation or support services or as a purely standalone review activity. 


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