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Outsourcing - Beeches Consulting have experience in negotiating IT and Business Process outsourcing contracts from the most simple right up to some of the largest and most complex contracts in the world.

Outsourcing Client References

At Beeches Consulting, we understand IT and Business Process outsourcing, it’s in our DNA. Since 1995 we have helped clients with contracts from simple to complex, ranging in value from £thousands to £billions, always focussed on managing risk, defining outcomes and delivering results.

Beeches Consulting has advised on many outsourcing projects for its clients spanning almost all industries and market sectors. Client engagements can vary considerably so we are well versed and happy in adapting our approach to provide whatever assistance is right for your organisation. We discuss this with you when we meet and then whether you want us to lead a project for you or simply assist / advise your own staff, we can ‘fit in’ to whatever role you need. Some examples of clients we have worked with are below.

Example Client (A global high-street name in financial services)

This client needed to rapidly select an off-shore services provider to rescue a major in-house IT development project that needed rapid completion as well as cost reduction due to significant overrun costs.

Beeches Consulting led the whole process, developed the RFP and managed the supplier evaluation & selection process prior to negotiating the contract and providing over-sight on the implementation project which required the rapid deployment of large numbers of IT development and support staff. Following the successful implementation, Beeches Consulting was then selected to negotiate a contract for the support and maintenance of the completed system. In all, over 100 supplier staff were engaged on the client site and many more off-shore to deliver the program successfully (and at reduced cost).

Example Client (A global £4bn services company)

This client had recently made some large acquisitions and as a result were looking to consolidate its global IT and telecommunications delivery under one service delivery model. Part of the IT strategy involved a major Cloud implementation along with outsourcing the voice and data network under a new, unified telecommunications network across Europe. The cloud implementation was critical to the business and factories would actually stop if the systems weren’t operating thus service management disciplines were, as usual, highly important.

Beeches Consulting was selected to lead on the contractual negotiations with the supplier which involved drafting the contractual documentation including both the Service Management and Service Level Agreements.

Example Client (A SME)

This client was looking to outsource all of its operational IT to an external service provider to ensure that it had the best possible service for the lowest cost. This also involved the objective of avoiding the anticipated capital costs required to ensure the same level of service in-house. The contract included a cloud computing implementation utilising virtual servers in a secure environment.

Beeches Consulting drafted the RFI / RFP documentation and managed the whole process from first supplier meeting, through supplier selection to contract signature and beyond. We were also retained to assist with the ongoing management of the supplier.

This example client summarises many of the SME contracts that we have been engaged on and we can provide large numbers of example clients that we have worked with and are very similar to this client.

Example Client (IT Services Organisation)

Beeches Consulting was retained to negotiate the outsourcing of this client data network across Europe for a service organisation where the services that relied on the network were hugely business critical. Involving more than a 1,000 financial transactions per second this contract not only needed to be highly secure and reliable, diverse routing and backup circuits needed to be contractually guaranteed. With the contract value at many hundreds of £millions, Beeches Consulting led all of the negotiations and contract drafting through to successful implementation.

Other Example Clients

We have negotiated outsourcing contracts of all kinds and for clients of all sizes. If you would like any further examples specific to your own particular requirement, please make contact for an informal discussion.

Sourcing Strategy

Beeches Consulting has advised a number of clients with respect to ensuring that there is a clear sourcing strategy in place. For one organisation, this involved a ‘back to basics' review of where budgets were being spent and on what, looking to where a strategy for ‘services' or ‘commodity' based suppliers should be adopted and building the correct processes across the organisation to ensure that it was professionally implemented, adopted and maintained.

Contract Mediation & Dispute Management

Beeches Consulting was engaged to lead on the renegotiation of one of the largest outsourcing contracts in the world.

The contract, worth billions of pounds had fallen into difficulties and both the client and the service provider were unable to resolve their differences.

Beeches Consulting acted as lead mediator between both parties and successfully renegotiated substantial aspects of the contract such that it is now agreed and acceptable to both parties. Monthly performance reports are now also signed off by both parties which for the previous 2 years had never been done. If you need an organisation to facilitate the resolution of difficult contractual issues between supplier and client, we can assist.

Interim Management

Beeches Consulting has worked with many companies that have either lost key personnel or do not have the skills in-house for a vital project. This is a very specialised area so if you would like to discuss your specific requirements with us, we will give you relevant examples of similar roles that we have provided for other clients.

Cost reduction

Our Consultants have been engaged by a number of organisations to identify and implement rapid cost reduction programmes.

An example includes a high street name where the achievement in just 4 months elapsed time was guaranteed reductions of £1.5m within the current financial year. This involved the rapid renegotiation of arrangements with existing suppliers and the whole project was completed smoothly and without any disruption to the client's ‘business as usual' activities.

Due Diligence

Our consultants have experience of carrying out due diligence on behalf of a number of varied organisations. A recent example includes the due diligence review for an acquisition of a European business. Beeches Consulting led on all IT aspects of the acquisition as well as the associated review of 3rd party contracts.