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Business Continuity - Beeches Consulting working with you to develop and implement a full Business Continuity programme across the whole of your organisation aligned to BS25999 or a related aspect of IT Disaster Recovery planning.

Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Client References

Whether it's developing and implementing a full Business Continuity programme across the whole of your organisation aligned to ISO22301 or a related aspect of it, such as IT Disaster Recovery planning, Beeches Consulting works with clients of all sizes in all sectors.

Beeches Consulting's experience spans all industries and market sectors. We have selected some examples below that demonstrate this depth of experience. For other examples or a detailed Case Study, please contact us.

Leading City Law Firm

Beeches Consulting implemented the Business Continuity plans for this legal practice and also assisted in the procurement and implementation of associated IT Disaster Recovery plans.  The client had no pre-existing plans and at the ‘desk-top rehearsal' the managing partner commended Beeches Consulting for the work that it had completed under difficult circumstances.

NHS Hospital, London

Beeches Consulting implemented a Business Continuity plan for this hospital with nothing being previously in place.  Once the plan had been developed, implemented and rehearsed, Beeches Consulting left the hospital team to maintain its own plans.  Within weeks of leaving, the hospital's Intensive Care Unit lost all power (backup generators also failed) and the Business Continuity plan was invoked.  Beeches Consulting was commended by the CEO for the way in which the hospital's management and staff did not panic as they knew exactly what to do in a crisis.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)

Beeches Consulting has implemented Business Continuity plans for some of the largest NHS CCGs in the UK. This has included all of the head office functions as well as the numerous remote sites managed by a CCG including the ‘provider' arm.

Key National Charity

Beeches Consulting implemented Business Continuity plans for a national charity covering 24 UK sites and multiple site call centres that provide critical services to customers 24 hours per day, 365 days per annum.

The project ensured the ‘buy-in' of the senior management team across a complex organisation and was implemented quickly as nothing effective had been previously implemented.  Beeches Consulting was praised for its efforts and for ensuring that the plans were easy to follow and understood by all of those involved.

Major Construction Firm

Beeches Consulting implemented Business Continuity plans for this major construction organisation 'from the ground up'.  This also included implementing IT Disaster Recovery plans for them and procuring the solutions needed to ensure that IT DR was a smooth exercise.