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Outsourcing - Beeches Consulting have experience in negotiating IT and Business Process outsourcing contracts from the most simple right up to some of the largest and most complex contracts in the world.

IT and Business Process Outsourcing

At Beeches Consulting, we understand IT and Business Process outsourcing, it’s in our DNA. Since 1995 we have helped clients with contracts from simple to complex, ranging in value from £thousands to £billions, always focussed on managing risk, defining outcomes and delivering results.

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Business Continuity - Beeches Consulting working with you to develop and implement a full Business Continuity programme across the whole of your organisation aligned to BS25999 or a related aspect of IT Disaster Recovery planning.

Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery

Whether it's developing and implementing a full Business Continuity programme across the whole of your organisation aligned to ISO22301 or a related aspect of it, such as IT Disaster Recovery planning, Beeches Consulting works with clients of all sizes in all sectors.

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Cloud Sourcing - Beeches Consulting can help find the right Cloud services for your organisation.

Cloud Sourcing

Is it really the case that all clouds have a silver lining? With many organisations wishing to benefit from the potential for increased resilience and lower costs through the take-up of Cloud Services, sometimes it can be a case of ‘buyer beware’.

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ISO 27001 – Information Security. Information is a powerful resource that can either make or break your business.

ISO 27001 – Information Security

Information is a powerful resource that can either make or break your business. Increasing threats mean that ensuring you understand what is required to control and maintain your information is now a key challenge facing most organisations. Beeches Consulting can review your existing IS policy or help you implement one from scratch in full alignment to ISO 27001.

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    Established in 1995, Beeches Consulting is a leading, independent management consultancy specialising in the provision of Business & Technology Consulting services. We are passionate about retaining our reputation for successful client engagement and we work with only the best people in our field to achieve this obsession.

    We operate globally for a wide range of commercial, government and charitable organisations and our services are wholly independent. This independence means we are not aligned in any way to particular technology or service providers and therefore clients can be thoroughly assured that Beeches Consulting is totally impartial. We work with you to identify what your business really needs rather than what someone wants to try to sell you: an approach which often saves our clients from significant unnecessary expenditure.

    All of our consultants have held senior and director level positions within SMEs as well as large global organisations so we do know a thing or two about negotiating with suppliers, managing risks, defining outcomes and delivering results.

    Finally, we only do what we are good at and we don’t ‘step outside’ of this remit. We are specialists in the following fields:-

    Outsourcing (IT and Business Process)

    We are able to bring a unique set of skills to the table. Our expertise comes from previously working (at board level) on the supplier side of the industry in both the IT and Business Process outsourcing arenas. We have negotiated contracts ranging in value from thousands to billions of pounds.

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    Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery

    We have been helping organisations protect their business operations for many years. We are specialists in carrying out pragmatic Risk Assessment (RA) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) prior to developing your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) aligned to ISO 22301 to ensure that not only is your business adequately protected but that you don’t build a Rolls Royce solution when this doesn’t match the actual needs of your business.

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    Cloud Sourcing

    We have helped a number of SMEs as well as £multi-billion global organisations negotiate with Cloud services suppliers to ensure that their contracts are ‘fit for purpose’. A lot of suppliers are quite new to this area and we find that many are either unrealistic about their contractual liabilities or do not deploy the old fashioned Service Management disciplines that have been present in standard IT outsourcing contracts for many years and are so vital for business critical systems. Indeed, all ‘Clouds’ do not have a silver lining in our experience and we have helped many clients ensure this is addressed in a sensible way rather than simply signing the ‘tear off’ contracts that cloud suppliers often expect their clients to sign. ‘Buyer certainly beware’!

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    Information Security

    Beeches Consulting is a keen advocate of a systematic approach to Information Security. Attention to detail is paramount these days and the stakes and risks have never been higher. Whilst media attention remains focussed on high profile breaches of client confidentiality and the next wave of cyber threats, we are always mindful that serious threats to an organisation’s information security can often lurk within the organisation itself either through lack of awareness, lack of formally implemented processes and procedures or inadequate mitigating measures. Talk to us to see how our appreciation of all aspects of the business life-cycle, information security and our experience of implementing formal risk-based management systems can make a difference to your organisation.

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