About Us - An Independent UK Management Consultancy

Managing Risk, Defining Outcomes, Delivering Results

Established in 1995, Beeches Consulting is a leading, independent management consultancy specialising in the provision of Business & Technology Consulting services. We are passionate about retaining our reputation for successful client engagement and we work with only the best people in our field to achieve this obsession.

We operate globally for a wide range of commercial, government and charitable organisations and our services are wholly independent. This independence means we are not aligned in any way to particular technology or service providers and therefore clients can be thoroughly assured that Beeches Consulting is totally impartial. We therefore work with you to identify what your business really needs rather than what someone wants to try to sell you: an approach which often saves our clients from significant unnecessary expenditure.

All of our consultants have held senior and director level positions within SMEs as well as large global organisations so we do know a thing or two about negotiating with suppliers, managing risks, defining outcomes and delivering results.

What we are is open, honest and pragmatic and we are particularly passionate about being pragmatic. Wherever possible we will seek to build on what you have and to keep things as simple as possible. 

Finally, we only do what we are good at and we don’t step outside of our remit. 


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